Lani & Matt

I recently had the great pleasure of attending a wedding — as a guest. My sister’s longtime best friend, Ilana, and her parents have become good friends of my family over the years, ever since Heather and Lani were randomly paired together by the University of Delaware as freshman roommates. Earlier this month, Lani wed her college sweetheart, Matt, with whom she reconnected a few years ago at a friend’s wedding, in a gorgeous ceremony at the New York Botanical Garden.

Though I stayed out of the way of Lani’s team of official photographers, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures. Since wedding photography is what I love and what I do for a living, I often try to make a few nice images for my friends on their big day. I’ve even included a few in this post of my very pregnant self and my hubby here. So enjoy!

Kevin and me (note how his fabulous tie coordinates with my dress!) and my darling sister, Heather, and me.

Kev and my brother-in-law, Michael. The caterers handed out champagne and hot chocolate to guests gathered in the garden’s ceremony location. It was a fantastic touch.

My sister, the matron of honor, waits for her turn down the aisle.

Accompanied by her parents, Sharon & Jeff, Lani makes her grand entrance.

The happy couple: Matt accepts high-fives on his way out of the garden.

Just before the reception started, I asked Lani & Matt to duck outside with me real quick for a few quick snaps in front of the radiant fall leaves.

This is one of my all-time favorite dancing photos. Heather and Lani love dancing together. One of their most favorite songs is ‘Brick House.’ I love that Lani is captured through Heather’s brick house gesture.

Congratulations, Lani & Matt! Kevin and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you.


  1. Sharon Silver

    Dear Jen,
    I am thinking of you and I can’t wait to get the news that your baby is born!
    The wedding photos are beautiful, and I really would love to get them. Thank you for posting them- they are great!
    I can’t wait to see you again. Thanks so much for being part of the wedding day. You and Kevin are such terrific partiers- you’re just fun to watch.
    The McMenamin clan has added so much to the life of the Silver family…
    Sharon & Jeff


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