Kathleen & Gennaro — Our Lady of Pompei and The Belvedere — Baltimore wedding photography

This is how much Kathleen loves Gennaro: Her wedding dress briefly went missing just before she was to get into it and Kathleen barely stopped smiling. (A hotel staff member inexplicably thought she had checked out without the gown and took it to the front desk without telling her!) Then, it poured. Not just for 10 minutes, but all day long. As in, streets-flooded-and-we-needed-to-turn-back-a-few-times-while-driving kind of pouring. And it didn’t even seem to phase Kathleen — or Gennaro, for that matter! That’s how happy they were to be getting married. That’s how touched they were to be surrounded by so many friends and family members who had traveled so far to celebrate their union. It was an absolute joy to work with this couple. From the bright blue dresses that reflected the personality of each bridesmaid and Kathleen’s simple grace to all the gorgeous custom-designed paper products, the emotional toasts and the uproarious dance party that followed dinner, it was quite the wedding. I also had the additional fun of reaching waaaay back to my college Italian to communicate with some of Gennaro’s relatives who did not speak English. (And I’ve been speaking Italian in my head ever since their wedding!) Without further ado, here are many of my favorites from Kathleen and Gennaro’s wonderful, rain-soaked day. Enjoy!

The bride, looking gorgeous.

The calm before the storm. The skies would open before Kathleen made it into the church.

This next image was shot by my wonderful assistant, Lucas.

This next photo is one of my most favorite wedding images ever. Capturing moments like this is what makes me love my job so much. Little looks and glances are so fleeting. If they are noticed at all in the whirlwind of a wedding day, they are gone in a flash. But photography helps preserve those moments — and all the accompanying memories and emotions — for forever.

Warning: Cute kid alert.

This next photo also was taken by Lucas.


And still, it pours.

Kathleen and Gennaro went on their first date at Pazo. They thought it might be fun — and I agreed! — to stop there after the ceremony for some portraits. That it was still pouring and we weren’t able to shoot very much outside made that decision seem even more brilliant.

Stiiill raining…

I love this next series of photos from in the limo. First, the facial expressions of everyone involved in cracking open the champagne are marvelous! And the quiet moments between Kathleen and Gennaro are just lovely.

It was stiiiill raining when we arrived at The Belvedere, so they stood under the cover of the iconic marquee while I shot a little with my trusty gigantic umbrella!

Madeline of mlc designs knocked my socks off with all her gorgeous creations for this wedding — invitations and response cards, of course, but also menu cards and table cards that were also notepads for writing letters to the newlyweds and placecards that were tied to tiny bottles of homemade limoncello and custom bags for Italian wedding almonds. So beautiful!

A first dance.

An Italian serenade.

A trio of perfect toasts.

A little cake.

A pair of parent dances.

And then it was time: Festeggiamo!

Presiding over the fun and frivolity was Devin Alexander of MyDeejay.

Congratulations, Kathleen & Gennaro! It was such a pleasure working with you and your families. I hope you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon — and that you didn’t have to tolerate even a drop of rain!


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Ceremony: Our Lady of Pompei

Officiant: Father Luigi Esposito

Ceremony musicians: Muriel Hopkins, organist

Reception & Catering: The Belvedere

Bridal attire: Paula Varsalona from Francesca’s Bridal

Make-up: Demetress Valentine

Hair: Amie Decker Beauty

Groom’s attire: Versace

Florist: Crimson & Clover Floral Design

Cake: Patisserie Poupon

DJ: Devin Alexander of My Deejay

Invitations & paper goods: mlc designs

Transportation: Signature Sedan Service


  1. Scott

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for showing us the whole day (not just your favorite 5 like a lot of photographers are proned to do). I really like your perspective, espcially in the limo, but also with the stairs in the hotel. You must really have been hopping to catch so many great shots. Very impressive!


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