Engaged! Deirdre & Karl — Maryland Engagement Portraits

I was SO excited when it snowed and snowed the day before my engagement session with Deirdre and Karl. I was even more excited when they reassured me that yes, they were game for tromping through the snow and ice for their shoot. And then that morning, I watched as the sun came out and all that gorgeous, heavy, wet snow started to slip off the branches outside my house. Oh no! I called Deirdre to see whether we could meet a little sooner. Like as soon as we could all get to Federal Hill Park, where they wanted to do the session?

They could. And the resulting images are some of my most favorite engagement photos ever. By the time we all got to the park, the sun had slipped behind some thick clouds, giving the afternoon an even more cold and wintry feel. Although many of the trees on the hillside edges of the park, exposed to the wind that whips across Federal Hill, had lost their snow, there was a nice stretch where the snow had not yet been blown or melted off the trees. I came prepared — in my snow pants! — to get down low in the snow and brought a couple white plastic trash bags so I could ask Deirdre and Karl to take a seat without having to worry about them getting wet.

We had lots of fun together, running around the park, hitting the swings and stone stairs that Deirdre likes, and heading down the hill, past the sledders, so we could shoot a little with the Domino Sugar sign as our background. “I’ve always wanted a picture of the Domino sign,” Deirdre told me before our shoot. “I just didn’t think I would be in it, too.” I’m really looking forward to Deirdre and Karl’s wedding next month at The Belvedere. I can already tell that it’s going to be a great day!

Here are some of my favorites from their snowy, wintry engagement session:

The cold, gray day really called out for black and white images to me. And a couple with a slight vintage look.

I loved Deirdre’s infinity scarf — a gift from Karl for Christmas. The green really popped amidst all the snow.

Showing off the ring.

I love love love this next one. At this moment, I was so glad it was so cold and windy that they’d want to snug together like this.

Deirdre really wanted to play on the swings. And Karl, well, he really loves Deirdre.

Any engagement or wedding shoot in the vicinity of Federal Hill, it seems, must include a few quick photos with the LOVE sign.

Braving the cold for a few with no coats or hats.

When Deirdre first contacted me about scheduling an engagement session, she said she thought she and Karl needed it to warm up in front of the camera before their wedding. I don’t think they needed it at all. They were naturals from the first shots. But I’m so glad they thought so because I had a great time with them!

Thanks, Deirdre and Karl, for being such good sports in the snow. I can’t wait to see you next month!


  1. Averil

    Jennifer, Deirdre, and Karl- WOW!!! These photos are amazing! We can’t wait until your wedding!

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  3. Liz Gliot

    Love the engagement pics too!! what a talented photographer you are!! i want to do my wedding all over again so you cna shoot it!:-)


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