Baby Matias — baby photography

Not long ago, I spent a wonderful morning photographing little Matias and his parents in their lovely Washington DC apartment. Mom Beverly is a friend of Vero, whose little boy Liam I photographed earlier this spring. About 5 weeks old, baby Matias was sweet and darling and behaved exactly how we hoped he would behave for each segment of our shoot — awake (but adorably yawny) at the beginning, alert and sitting up outside and in the nursery and then a little sleepy and snuggly at the end when the whole family piled into his parents’ bed. Beverly and Patrick were so obviously smitten with their new little one. It was such an enjoyable shoot.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Could they be any more in love with this little boy?


Caught by dad just in time before toppling over…


I heart little baby feet.


Beverly & Patrick created such a beautiful, peaceful nursery for their little one. I just loved this mural above the bed.


All alone on his parents’ big bed.


And here’s what was going on behind me, as I photographed Matias.


Bev asked me to get a photo of the back of her baby’s head, explaining that she just loves his little curls. Between the curls and the expression on her face, it’s one of my favorites from the day.


Oh so happy…


I’ve done this before with one other family — the lineup of feet on the end of the bed. I love how it puts the tiny baby in perspective. Look at those little, itty-bitty feet next to his mom and dad’s feet…


Beverly & Patrick, congratulations on the wonderful new addition to your lives. I hope to see you all again for another photo shoot when little Matias is perhaps running around a playground and kicking up leaves!           : )

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