Baby Eamon

This very well might be the most mellow baby I’ve ever photographed. And no offense to my clients, but he’s definitely also one of the cutest. Let me explain: He’s my nephew. My first nephew. And oh so darling.

I had the glorious opportunity to photograph Eamon Timothy when he was but five weeks old. My husband and I visited his sister, Kristin, and her husband Terence in Denver for a couple days. So I had many, many opportunities to hold, hug, snuggle and of course photograph this little one.

Have you ever seen a cuter little face?


Trying out the hat that Kevin and I got him as a birthday present. Don’t you think he should serve as the model for Heather von Marko, the woman who knits them?


Our first official photo outing: We may or may not have woken up Eamon and taken him out of his stroller for some photos. You’ll see what happened…


Mama Kristin playing Eamon like a harmonica to try to cheer him up.


And offering kisses…


Oh dear.


Oh my word, is this not the cutest little grumpy face you’ve ever seen?



This image just melts my heart. This is my husband with the baby. Kevin has never really liked babies. He obviously liked little Eamon. He says it’s different when the baby is family. That’s good news because we’re expecting one of our own in December!


And now for our official family portrait shoot: Kristin, Terence and little Eamon. He was rather sleepy for most of it. But we had great light. And they’re such a darling family that it was difficult to make a bad picture.


He’s smiling. He’s really smiling!


I love this next series sitting along the fence. Eamon is such a lucky little boy to have parents who obviously love him so much.


A little perspective is always nice in photos. Too many close-ups of a baby and you begin to forget how tiny he is. Until you see him seated along a huge fence with his parents! So sweet…


We took Eamon to a park the next day. But not before his first outing to REI to pick out his very first sun hat. He, um, didn’t love it.


Baby feet and mama feet.


And we’ll end with a silly one of me with my little nephew, shot by Kristin. Eamon looks a little skeptical of all our silliness.


Well, little guy. It was a pleasure to photograph you. All I can say is, you better get used to it. I’m going to be that aunt — the one always aiming a camera at you. I had one, too. And I turned into a photographer myself. So that didn’t work out too badly!


  1. Carol

    What a lucky nephew! These are so wonderful. Who will photograph BVV with his mama? Maybe you can do the remote control trick….

  2. Kristin

    Little E is very grateful to his photographer aunt already. Thanks for all the awesome photos.

  3. askthesky

    Beautiful! Thanks for the link, as well!

  4. Gerry Bulger


    Thank you. You are a real professional. We love your product and we love you. You are the best.



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