Anna & Abhi – Tremont Grand – Baltimore wedding photography

Their wedding photography inquiry landed in my inbox with the following subject line: “Darling Bmore couple seeking amazing photographer for 3/19/11 wedding.” I couldn’t help but smile.  And I couldn’t wait to meet them. Anna and Abhi are, indeed, a darling couple. From our first appointment, where we swapped stories about Hootie and the Blowfish, to our walk-through at the gorgeous Tremont Grand, where Abhi shared his vision for sock monkey mischief on the wedding day, I was looking forward to this wedding. When we met, they described their hopes for a ceremony that seamlessly blended Anna’s Christian faith with some of the Hindu wedding customs of Abhi’s. They talked about the importance of their nieces and nephews — all of whom would have a role in the wedding. They told me about the magnets they made for their favors, using an iconic Baltimore image but incorporating their own twist. And in a hushed phone conversation just a few days before their wedding, Anna told me about the surprises she had in store for Abhi — beautiful red and gold sari fabric that her mother had incorporated into Anna’s dress as a surprise for the groom and a special set of cuff links that she wanted me to be sure to photograph. Everything couldn’t have turned out any more perfectly. Here are some of my favorites from their wonderful day:

I always ask my clients to send me a copy of their wedding invitation so that I can photograph it on the big day. I must say that I have never before so carefully opened an envelope, though, desperate to preserve the return address. I just loved how excited Anna was to marry Abhi, even on the envelope of her wedding invitation!

I had an opportunity to photograph Abhi before heading up to the bridal suite, where Anna and a gaggle of flower girls were getting ready. He was happy and calm and oh so excited to be marrying Anna.

Opening his gift from Anna. This was one of the all-time best reactions I have ever photographed. He threw back his head, laughing before exclaiming, ‘I am marrying the world’s best wife.’ The gift: a set of sock monkey cuff links. Because Abhi loves sock monkeys. There’s no elaborate reason why. He just does.

Who wouldn’t love these little guys?

Meanwhile, upstairs, Anna was too excited to wait to get dressed. So she was completely ready to go — in her gown, veiled and bejeweled — when my assistant and I arrived to photograph her getting ready.

Her mother’s garter.

Flower girl sweetness.

Anna looking stunning for a few quick portraits.

Anna’s florist wrapped her bouquet and Abhi’s boutonniere in the same sari fabric that her mom incorporated into her dress. It was really beautiful.

A few details, including traditional Indian bracelets from Abhi’s sister.

And finally, it was time to get married.

Anna and Abhi used a traditional Christian unity candle as the fire for their Hindu Saptapadi (Seven Steps) ceremony.

The bride’s nephews took their role as ring bearers very seriously.

I love how Abhi is looking at Anna here. He later said that he thought she had walked SO slowly down the aisle and that he just couldn’t wait for her to get there already.

The recently restored, historic Tremont Grand has so many wonderful spaces for couples to choose from for their weddings. Anna and Abhi were married in the elegant Edinburgh room. Brandon Casey, the coordinator at the Tremont, thought of everything and made sure it all ran smoothly. (Asked for some gum before the wedding by the groom, Brandon offered the mints he had on him. When Abhi declined, he quickly returned with — tada! — gum.)

So you remember the sock monkey mischief that I mentioned earlier? At our walk-through at the Tremont, Abhi noticed a balcony that overlooks the room where their ceremony would be held and expressed some interest — OK, a lot of interest — in having a photo of the sock monkey watching them get married from that vantage point.

Ask and you shall receive. (More sock monkey mischief to come later.)

I love this flower girl. Oh so cute: Just hanging out while my aunt is getting married. La dee da.

The bride’s parents. I can’t help but wonder what was going through Anna’s father’s head at this moment to generate this wonderful expression.



A few portraits of the newlyweds.

A few reception details, including those magnets with an Indian Natty Boh proposing to the Utz girl.

A first dance.

And a little more of that promised sock monkey mischief. The bride and groom asked for some silly reception photos with the sock monkey. Kind of like Where’s Waldo or Flat Stanley. I happily obliged while dinner was being served.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled reception photography.

A few toasts.

A cake cutting.

A father-daughter dance.

And a special dance for the children at the wedding. They were all given red plastic spoons while dancing to a song about a girl named Jill who has a favorite red spoon.

And much to Abhi’s surprise, they all chucked their spoons at him on Anna’s cue.

Abhi dancing with his niece.

The new Mr. and Mrs. ducked outside with me and my assistant, Danielle, for a few fun nighttime city shots. We risked oncoming traffic and the cold and a city bus that was closing in on us just a little too fast for our comfort. But it was definitely worth it. This one was my favorite.

The Tremont Grand certainly is grand. Especially at night, with Marion standing out front in his dapper duds.

Congratulation, Anna & Abhi. I had so, so much fun with you and couldn’t be happier for the two of you. What a wonderful way to kick off my busy 2011 season!


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Ceremony, reception & catering: The Tremont Grand

Florist: Wicked Willow

Officiant: The Rev. Laura Cannon

Bridal attire: David’s Bridal with red and gold sari belt and streamer accents by the bride’s mother

Groom’s attire: Men’s Wearhouse

DJ: AJ Productions


  1. Julie Wilkes

    You captured a simply beautiful day/celebration perfectly!

  2. Lesley

    Amazing pictures! It was a fabulous day!

  3. Regina Minniss

    Seems like it was a perfect day !! The couple sure looks perfect !!!


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