A Baltimore dock wedding: Nina + Bryce
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A couple of runners jogged past. A water taxi docked nearby to let off and pick up more passengers. An office full of workers gathered at their floor-to-ceiling windows as they saw what was happening. Life in Baltimore trucked merrily along as Nina + Bryce exchanged vows and rings in the tiniest of tiny weddings on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Together for nine years and engaged for five, they recently decided to simply forgo the wedding planning and just marry each other. She quickly found a dress. She ordered a simple bouquet and hired me. They made dinner reservations at one of their favorite local restaurants. And that was that. I met them at their home and photographed their meandering walk through Fells Point to a dock with a brick wall and big gray door that Nina, a graphic designer, loves. She scouted the light at that time of day and what views might make the best backdrop for their sweet ceremony. There, they met their pastor, who served not only as their officiant but also as the only other person who heard the words they exchanged. With the stiff breeze coming off the harbor and the normal sounds of city life, even I didn’t overhear their ceremony. It could not have been more intimate, despite unfolding right there on a public dock for the whole world to see. Afterwards, we took a few quick portraits on the pier and I accompanied them halfway home until Nina’s sky-high heels dictated that the newlyweds take a short break. They picked a harborside table and shared an icy cold Blue Moon. Here are some of my favorites from their lovely afternoon:

As I snapped these photos with my longest lens of Nina + Bryce walking down the cobblestones toward the harbor, a cyclist stopped and stared. “Wow,” she remarked. “They sure are sweet together, aren’t they?” I couldn’t agree more. 

With the boutonnière pinned and their pastor in place, it was time for the ceremony to begin.  


Many, many congratulations, Nina + Bryce. It was nothing but joy to work with you and photograph your lovely celebration.


  1. Mary Atwater

    I could hear you laugh and cry. Simply beautiful. Congrats Fred and Slim. Looking forward to celebrating many many more wonderful life events with you both.

    toutes nos félicitations
    hartelijk gefeliciteerd
    Mealaibh ur naidheachd
    mau hoohiwahiwa

    John and Mary

  2. Pastor Louis Wilson

    Since the beginning of time water has been a symbol of life and so it should. For without its nutrients even the driest of places could not thrive. Your choosing to marry “on the dock of the bay” is another like symbol. The tides of life will come and go, however like water with each incoming and outgoing wave life is sustained, renewed, and cleansed. It is my pray so shall your marriage be.


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