Hi all.

Welcome to my brand new photo blog. In the course of updating and improving the online presence of my business, I decided to create a blog to showcase my photography, both projects for which I am paid and pictures and art that I make for myself, for my family and for fun. (I expect it will also help answer the frequent questions from friends and relatives about what I’ve been shooting!)

You’ll find some of my favorite images — the off-beat, the amusing, the heart-warming — from weddings and engagement shoots. You’ll find highlights from particularly fun family and maternity portrait sessions. You’ll find photos from my travels and adventures, including my twice-a-year trips to my husband’s homeland in Montana. And you’ll also find the occasional silly picture of my friends, relatives and of course, my husband, Kevin, who is often my most patient photo subject. I will also likely post from my archives, which I have been sorting through as I work to better organize my tens of thousands of digital files.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of the images. Ask any questions that come to mind. And most importantly, enjoy!

One of thoses previously mentioned silly photos: My husband and me playing in the snow outside our house.

One of those previously mentioned silly photos: My husband and me playing in the snow at our house.


  1. Rondi

    Hey Jen! Can’t wait to see the photos you post! You know I love your work! I just watched the slideshow on your website…pass the tissues! Congrats on your new blog and here’s to the success of your website 🙂 Hugs!

  2. Emily

    Hooray, Jen! Looking forward to seeing what you post.

    I’ll add you to Google Reader right now…

  3. Gerry Bulger


    Your site is a piece of art. The photography, editing, and visual skills are second to none. When our children are married – if you are available – we would love to hire you. You are the best.

    Gerry & family

  4. Carolyn Brewington - Edwards

    You are awesome. The photos are simply beautiful! You capture the beauty of the event and the people. Girl, you got it goin’ on.


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