Sylvia & Tim – sneak peek!

I’m finishing up a looong post about an absolutely gorgeous wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing recently. In the meantime, though, I couldn’t resist posting this one image as a little preview. My friend Leo Ryan, who helped me out at this wedding as an assistant and second shooter, snapped this one. We had just finished up a fun waltz around Mount Vernon Place getting some gorgeous shots of the bride and groom in the fabulous early-evening light when Sylvia decided she wanted to check her  makeup real quick before making her entrance into the reception. She didn’t have her purse or any of her girlfriends around. So she asked if I happened to have a mirror on me. Why yes, yes I did. And from my camera bag, I pulled a darling little compact that my sister gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

So there was Sylvia, looking utterly gorgeous on the sidewalk outside the Peabody Library, double-checking her makeup in my tiny little compact. As I was photographing Sylvia, Leo captured the scene in this image. I don’t typically like posting pictures of myself. Weddings, of course, are about the clients. But I love how you can see from both of our smiles in this image how much fun the afternoon was!

Check back soon for the full blog post…



  1. carrie

    hi jen! what a darling, darling photo, darling!


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