Sujata & Harsha — The Hindu Engagement Ceremony — Maryland wedding photography

I was thrilled to be able to work with Sujata and Harsha for their recent engagement ceremony. They live in Ohio — where Sujata has one of the coolest jobs ever working as the research director and chemist of a new whiskey distillery! — and will marry there in May. But they came home to Baltimore for their engagement ceremony at Sujata’s father’s house. In addition to capturing all the beautiful moments between Sujata and Harsha and their siblings and parents, I always love photographing all the colors and details and customs (and fire!) of Indian engagements and weddings. After family photos, a quick relaxed portrait session with the engaged couple and an extraordinary lunch prepared by Sujata’s stepmother, aunties and other relatives, they were off to a reception with even more friends and family — and a marvelous creation from Charm City Cakes that depicted a space shuttle decorated with graffiti, the couple’s college logos and a pair of rock ‘n rolling and dancing astronauts. (Sujata, a self-described ‘space nut,’ has also done some work for NASA.) I always ask my clients whether there’s anything in particular that they’d like me to focus a little extra attention on, and I loved Sujata’s response: ‘Speeches, dancing and any time that we are laughing.’ What great priorities! It was really something the way that both Sujata and Harsha’s relatives welcomed my assistant Lucas and me into their families for the day. It was truly an honor to photograph such an important day in their lives. Here are some of my favorites from their wonderful celebration!

Sujata, looking lovely.

And her betrothed.

This next photo on the left was shot by my assistant, Lucas.

This next photo was also shot by Lucas.

We lucked out with a marvelously green and lush area for photos.

I love this next photo of Harsha because of the number of times that Sujata told me her fiance was quite the joker!

A few reception details.

Sujata’s grandmother has the most beautiful smile.

A few toasts and tributes.

A little hiding in the flower garlands.

And lots of laughing and dancing!

Congratulations, Sujata & Harsha! It was such a joy to work with you both and your families. I wish you a wonderful wedding in May and a beautiful marriage!


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Catering: Minerva Cuisine

Event coordinator: Sujata’s sister, Nirmala Emani!

Cake: Charm City Cakes

DJ: Omar Sharrif — DJ Mast

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