Stephanie & Matt — Washington DC engagement photos — Lincoln Memorial

Stephanie and Matt will be getting married at The Belvedere in Baltimore next year. But they live just outside of Washington DC, so they wanted to do their engagement photos in the District at a location that was very DC. We picked the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise, which is usually a great choice. We rescheduled once because of crummy weather and were tempted to postpone the session again. But there was only a chance of rain in the forecast, Stephanie and Matt were eager to get photos for their save-the-date cards and the weather the day before had been gorgeous. So we crossed our fingers, finalized our photography permit and set our alarms nice and early. Mother Nature did not exactly cooperate. It was overcast. It was unseasonably humid. And a vicious thunderstorm rolled through right in the middle of our session, forcing us to run for cover at the Memorial. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun dashing up and down the steps, dodging joggers and the 1 million Army Reservists training there, and taking advantage of the best aspects of rainy weather — puddle reflections and cute umbrellas. Here are some of my favorites from our morning together:

I arrived at the Memorial well before sunrise — you never know about DC traffic, even super early on a weekday morning — and was rewarded with a cool view of the Lincoln and the Washington Monument beyond.

Stephanie and Matt taught me a cool trick for when you’re in the middle of nowhere and in need of a mirror. Whip out your smart phone, power up the camera and click the little button that swivels the camera to the back side of the phone. Voila! Instant mirror. (Stephanie looked great!)

This is the view that we came to the Lincoln for. We had hoped the sky would be streaked with pink and gorgeous sunrise colors. But the overcast skies instead looked moody — just perfect for black and white photos!

Love the steps!

This next image was one of my favorites. I loved how the downpour from the thunderstorm completely obliterated the Washington Monument and the Capitol in the distance. Plus, Stephanie and Matt are pretty darling together.

After the rain let up, the trees were newly fresh and green. So we headed over to the nearby gardens for a few more photos.

Stephanie and Matt, I had a great time at your engagement session. I’m truly looking forward to your wedding in just a few short months!

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