Stephanie & Chris — Annapolis engagement photography

When I get into the busy shooting season packed with weddings and portrait sessions, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to keep up my blog. My portrait sessions almost never get posted publicly. But as I print schedules and clean gear and get ready for Steph & Chris’s wedding today, I wanted to post a few favorites from their lovely engagement session earlier this year. We hit a ton of different spots in Annapolis, giving their engagement photos several distinctly different ‘looks.’ They were so easy to work with and so wonderful together. And I just love love one image in particular with a serendipitous element that was pointed out to me by Steph’s father. (More on that in a minute.) I can’t wait to work with them again — and both of their families — today at the wedding!

Steph has such a great smile — and a wonderful laugh. It makes her very fun to photograph!

I love a good snuggle photo.

Now for that photo with the serendipitous element. Steph and I had been hoping for great weather with gorgeous sunset light for their engagement session. Instead, it was overcast and threatening rain all day. We decided not to reschedule, in part, because of her crazy busy work schedule as a nurse. When we came upon a big puddle near the end of our session, I was excited to make a couple of fun photos for them that used their reflection and the bright green umbrella that they had bought after seeing our forecast for the day. A few weeks after my engagement session with Steph and Chris, I received an e-mail from her father, a prosecutor and Catholic deacon whom I knew from my previous job as a newspaper reporter covering the Baltimore County court system. “Your photos are fabulous,” he wrote. “Take a look at #195.  The reflection in the rain puddle displays a cross between the faces of Chris and Steph.” Quite accidental. But I loved the image even more after it was pointed out to me!

Cheers to you, Steph & Chris. And happy wedding day! See you soon.


  1. Stephen Roscher

    Thank you for your great work at Stephanie and Chris’s wedding. You never distract from the event while going about your work, but still manage to get hundreds of shots. I can’t wait to see the results. As the Daddy/Deacon for the big day, I was so glad that you were a part of it. Your photos will surely preserve many wonderful memories.
    Steve Roscher

    1. jennifermcmenamin

      Thanks, Steve. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all on Saturday. I kept thinking that one day my husband will stand up to toast our girls as you did Steph. I can’t wait to share the photos with you when they’re edited and ready!
      ~ Jen


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