Shreya, Jason, Isabella & Bianca

I just love working with this family. I first photographed Shreya and her girls last fall, as a surprise gift for her husband. She ordered a gigantic print — two feet by three feet — and hung it over the mantle of their new home. This spring, Shreya and Jason hired me to photograph the whole family — including her parents — on a sunny afternoon before an Indian wedding that they were attending together. We lucked out with gorgeous weather and fantastic light. Of course, who could go wrong with such adorable girls in front of the lens?


There were a few distractions — namely, dogs running around the park where we were shooting.


We quickly got the formal stuff out of the way so Shreya & Jason could just play with the girls — something they’re obviously quite good at!


We decided we should shoot a couple of just Shreya & Jason. No problem, except that they initially took their portraits a little too seriously. So I asked Bella & Bianca to make funny faces behind me so that their parents would smile. It worked!


And here’s what was going on behind me…


These next two might be my favorites from the day. I told Shreya that they reminded me of the Von Trapp family — Southeast-Asian style, of course — traipsing the hillsides.


The love between Shreya & her daughters is so palpable. They’re so silly together — and such fun to photograph!


Again, the girls just couldn’t stay out of their parents’ laps for more than a minute!


More funny faces…23-20090417_hesslerfamily_0374-w

I love this next little series — how Bella is patiently waiting with her darling photo-ready smile while her younger sister continues to goof around.24-20090417_hesslerfamily_0392-w25-20090417_hesslerfamily_0401-w26-20090417_hesslerfamily_0408-w

Bianca blowing kisses and Bella giving her little sister a bear hug…


A few quick portraits of the girls…29-20090417_hesslerfamily_si-w

Can you tell where they get their long eyelashes?30-20090417_hesslerfamily_0456-w31-20090417_hesslerfamily_0457-w32-20090417_hesslerfamily_0581-w33-20090417_hesslerfamily_0584-w34-20090417_hesslerfamily_0587-w35-20090417_hesslerfamily_0502-w36-20090417_hesslerfamily_0505-w

And now we come to the inevitable dancing portion of the photo shoot. I’m always amazed at the imaginations of children I photograph. We’re in the middle of a park. No music playing. And yet Bella & Bianca simply started dancing around to their own melody. Simply darling!37-20090417_hesslerfamily_0532-w38-20090417_hesslerfamily_sillyb-w

I love these two of Bella, even though they’re knocked out of focus. To me, they capture the blur of joy that she often seems to be.


One last fun one…40-20090417_hesslerfamily_0555-w

Thanks so much, Shreya & Jason. It’s a delight to photograph your family and watch the girls grow up through my lens… Enjoy!


  1. cidell

    These are beautiful

  2. Alyce Dailey

    Fabulous! What a beautiful family—inside and out. 🙂


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