Personal news — A new arrival!

You might have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet lately. Sure, it’s the wedding photography slow season. But I’ve also had another reason to be posting less: my new sweet daughter, Keegan Alexis, who was born March 5. I am remarkably now the mama to two gorgeous girls. My husband Kevin and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I thought I’d share a few recent photos, including one that I love love love that was sent to me by a guest at the last wedding that I shot before my due date. Pegg Melfa, who attended Kim & Tristan‘s beautiful wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, e-mailed me the image on the above left. It’s amazing to think that big bump resulted in the gorgeous little girl on the right.


A little Internet magic made the next photo possible. Kevin and I bought the Big Sister shirt for Molly before I was even pregnant to kind of put good vibes out into the universe for a second baby for us. A few months later, I ended up using it to let him know I was pregnant, dressing Molly in the shirt one evening before he came home from work. I said nothing and let him notice on his own. It was a wonderful moment. We similarly announced our exciting news to our parents and then the Facebook world with Molly in her shirt. I had no idea that there was a companion Little Sister shirt. But my mom did, and after Keegan’s arrival, my mother searched and searched the sale bins at Carters with no luck. She happened to mention it to Kevin’s parents during their recent visit to meet their new granddaughter. Upon her return home to Montana, my mother-in-law hopped on eBay, found the Little Sister shirt and promptly settled in to babysit the computer for the next five days to ensure that no one would outbid her. I’m so grateful!

This next image is so Molly. She wants almost nothing more these days than to just hug and kiss and nuzzle her new baby sister.

My sweet family.



  1. Denise Girolamo

    Beautiful Family, Jennifer! ~Denise Girolamo

  2. Montana grandma

    Beautiful in all ways.


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