Nicole & Brandon — Baltimore wedding photography

I met Nicole and Brandon two years ago at the wedding of her cousin, Hollie. At that wedding, Nicole caught the bouquet. Brandon snagged the garter. It was perfect. They couldn’t have looked happier.

I was delighted when they got in touch with me more than a year before their wedding to see whether I was available. They couldn’t have imagined then that their big day — planned for a Saturday in late March — would include sunny weather and temperatures pushing 80 degrees. It was fabulous!

Here are some of my favorites from their day:

I loved the detailing on Nicole’s veil.

I love this next series of four images — Nicole coming downstairs after getting dressed to see her bridesmaids and mother, who were waiting for her in the living room.

This image is reminiscent of one from Hollie’s wedding when she and her bridesmaids were spritzing each other with bug spray at the park where we shot pictures of Nick and her with their wedding party. This time, they swapped for hairspray.

Nicole looking gorgeous.

I loved these bouquets by Angie Han — especially the white anemones. They were designed to match Nicole & Brandon’s chic color scheme of black, white and green. So crisp and lovely!

A few details from the guys.

A final coat of lip gloss.

And it was time to get married at St. Johns Lutheran Church of Parkville. I know I’ve mentioned this in previous blog posts, but I love photographing the moment when brides and grooms first see each other. Whether it happens before the ceremony in a pretty park or as the bride walks down the aisle toward her husband-to-be, it’s always such a nice moment. I love the look here on Brandon’s face as he waits for Nicole and her father.

The new Mr. and Mrs.

It’s such a joy to photograph people who obviously love each other so much.

And heeeere comes the ring bearer. How cute is this little guy?

After we finished up in front of the church, which was already squarely in shadow, Nicole, Brandon and I went after the last of the evening’s gorgeous, glowy light. We found it — of all places in the parking lot behind the church. I love these next couple of images.

And we were off to the reception.

A little dancing.

A little toasting.

And a little silliness.

I don’t think the catching of the bouquet and garter will be as meaningful for the lucky recipients at Nicole & Brandon’s wedding as it was for them at Hollie and Nick’s. When the emcee asked whether the bride and groom wanted the garter catcher to slide it higher up the leg of the bouquet catcher, everyone laughed. “He’s underage,” someone responded. So nope. They left the garter where it was!

Nicole dances with her father.

And then sneaks in a hug a little later.

Brandon’s father and grandmother watch as he dances with his mom. So sweet.

It’s always fun to photograph a great party.

Congratulations, Nicole & Brandon. It was an absolute pleasure to be with you on your big day!


  1. Leo

    It was worth the wait! Beautiful as always, Jen.

  2. Linda Hobbie

    I love the pictures of Nicole and Brandon’s wedding. I can’t wait to see all of them. Nicole looks so beautiful. You captured their happiness.


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