New York City engagement photos: Colleen + DJ


Colleen + DJ wanted their engagement photos in New York City, where they met and fell in love. Their portrait session was scheduled in a hot, humid stretch of summer in which a whole series of my clients’ weddings were hit by flash floods and massive downpours. I awoke in Manhattan on the morning of their sunrise session to the sound of my cell phone squawking with *another* flash flood warning and storm alert. We arrived at their favorite park with rain gear and umbrellas and a backup plan of using overhangs and such as shelter during their shoot. But the rain cleared in time and we found some lovely pockets of light, despite the overcast skies. As I print schedules and load up the car for their Four Seasons Baltimore wedding today, I couldn’t resist sharing a few favorites from their engagement session. And hey Mother Nature, could you cut them a little slack and hold off the rain today, please?

002-AkehurstShetty_0528-0104_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 003-AkehurstShetty_0109-0034_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 004-AkehurstShetty_0209bw-0058_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 005-AkehurstShetty_0149-0044_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 006-AkehurstShetty_0357bw-0075_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 007-AkehurstShetty_0020-0007_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 008-AkehurstShetty_0060bw-0022_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 009-AkehurstShetty_0325-0070_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 010-AkehurstShetty_0339-0073_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 011-AkehurstShetty_0503-0098_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos 012-AkehurstShetty_0599bw-0121_Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-New-York-City-engagement-photos

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