Maria, Mark, Rocko and the unborn Baby Finnegan — Maryland maternity photography

It’s a huge decision whenever a photographer needs to pick a fellow photographer to document an important moment in her life. I remember how carefully I considered my choice of photographers when Kevin and I were married in 2005 and, four years later, when we wanted some portraits of us together when I was pregnant. So I was tremendously honored and thrilled when my friend Maria, a wonderful photographer, asked me to shoot some maternity portraits of her and Mark — and their dog Rocko — just a few weeks before her due date. They live in Federal Hill and she shoots in the city a lot. So she really wanted a more outdoorsy-feel to her maternity images — with a twist. So we dragged my big brown leather club chair out to a horse-owning friend’s field. You always hope for good light for a shoot like this. Aside from a fun couple and great energy, it’s really the light that makes the images. But as a photographer shooting another photographer, I *really* wanted great light and a glorious sunset. So it was with a nervous eye on the overcast sky that I left my office that evening. But we could not have orchestrated anything better had we scripted it ourselves — a little cloud cover to start, some soft warm light followed by a golden glorious sunset and a beautiful civil twilight with wisps of pink streaking through the sky. We capped all of that off with some studio shots. Only ten days later — and just three days after Maria photographed her last scheduled wedding before her due date — baby Finnegan James arrived. Here are some of my favorites from their maternity shoot:

Maria is so expressive that she was just a joy to photograph. I call this little series ‘the many faces of Maria.’

Maria and Mark were really fun together. And their big pup Rocko couldn’t help but want to join in on the fun.

So here’s the twist I was talking about. Outdoorsy but with a sexy dress. Maria looked gorgeous. Her make-up was done by the always extraordinary Nicole Palermo.

Channeling Flashdance. But, you know, while preggers.

Maria hit up the craft store before our shoot for some fun props. (And this is when the golden light emerged!)

I love the intimate feel of this one.

And I think Maria just looks gorgeous here.

Just a moment later, Rocko wandered over. You can tell how much fun she is just by watching her laugh.

And a few studio images.

Congratulations, Maria and Mark, on the arrival of your newest family member. It was so, so much fun to work with you. I can’t wait to meet little Finn!


  1. nicolelivvy1038

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I begin. SO creative and beautiful! REALLY? I cant breathe! This work is truly captivating. I am in love with every image, and the setting, the props, the lighting…the SUN going down!!!!!! It is so fun, flirty, innocent, silly, and sexy! It has everything a family shoot should big happy PHOTO-Shoot! Mark and Maria..look so beautiful..gave me goosebumps. Jennifer, you are incredible. I think you captured every precious moment and then some. I LOVE IT! Great piece of artwork!

  2. nicolelivvy1038

    Roco… the picture with Maria laughing.. pure JOY! I have to look at these again! SO much fun…


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