Margaret & Ian
The Hotel Monaco Baltimore & The Evergreen -- Baltimore wedding photography


Margaret described herself as the anti-bride. A horse veterinarian, she spends most of her days in scrubs or kakis. She initially contemplated getting married at City Hall in Ohio, where she and Ian, an ER nurse, live. And when they were first engaged and Ian asked what her wedding colors would be, “I said, ‘Oh, I guess I’ll wear white,'” Margaret told me the first time we talked. Instead, with the help of her parents, Margaret and Ian threw a gorgeous spring wedding at the Evergreen Museum and Library full of personal touches, many of which traced back to her family’s long involvement with thoroughbred racing. “My father turned out to be the master wedding planner,” Margaret said. “And Mum took over when he had finished the things that he cared about.” There was a bugler to play Call to Post before the bride walked down the aisle. There were caterers from Pimlico and Laurel racetracks, where Margaret’s father works with the Maryland Jockey Club. And there was wedding wine that he began buying 27 years ago — when, as Margaret put it, “I wasn’t dating anyone and had no intention of getting married. But Dad was ready, just in case. Actually, this is probably the third batch of wedding wine as friends and family drank the bottles as they aged. This is a running joke with my family.” We were graced with a gorgeous, if a bit chilly, spring day. A breeze occasionally played with Margaret’s veil. And despite a stated aversion to having her photograph taken, Margaret and Ian appeared comfortable and oh so happy in front of the camera. Here are some of my favorites from their beautiful day:

We started at the Hotel Monaco, where Margaret and Ian got ready together before we arrived and then took some quick portraits with us.


The bride, looking lovely.

003-MudgeWoods_00128bw-0024_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 004-MudgeWoods_00196-0039_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 005-MudgeWoods_00186bw-0036_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 006-MudgeWoods_00279-0058_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 007-MudgeWoods_00265-0054_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

We found spectacular light downtown before heading out to the Evergreen. Margaret has a magnificent laughing smile. I was thrilled that Ian kept her laughing all day long.

008-MudgeWoods_00303-0068_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 009-MudgeWoods_00439-0094_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 010-MudgeWoods_00492-0102_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

I love this next image of them as the wind was whipping around her veil.

011-MudgeWoods_00540bw-0110_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 012-MudgeWoods_00722-0144_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 013-MudgeWoods_00679-0139_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 014-MudgeWoods_00767bw-0157_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 015-MudgeWoods_00618-0124_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 016-MudgeWoods_00866-0178_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 017-MudgeWoods_00627-0128_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

In addition to photos of the wine, Margaret asked for images of a couple of specific things — the bugle player trilling out Call to Post to start the processional, her dad and his cigars, her parents dancing, her cousin playing the sax during cocktail hour and the Motown band that her father had hired many months before the wedding. In addition to being important to her, these ended up being some of the most fun parts of the wedding to photograph!

018-MudgeWoods_00994-0212_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 019-MudgeWoods_01116-0246_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

After a brief transportation snafu, it was time to get married!

020-MudgeWoods_01148-0257_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 021-MudgeWoods_01247bw-0283_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 022-MudgeWoods_01282-0290_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

I love this next photo, shot by my assistant Lucas, from the patio overlooking the formal gardens where the ceremony was held.

023-MudgeWoods_01370-0316_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 024-MudgeWoods_01329-0304_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 025-MudgeWoods_01362-0313_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

After a lovely and brief ceremony — just seven minutes elapsed between the bugler announcing the start of the bride’s long walk across the Evergreen’s lawn and the end of the ceremony — the newlyweds and their guests headed to the magnificent patio for cocktails.

026-MudgeWoods_01409-0322_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 027-MudgeWoods_01470-0338_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 028-MudgeWoods_01436-0329_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 029-MudgeWoods_01498-0346_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

Margaret’s cousin, Daniel Weidlein, is an accomplished saxophonist and composer. It was a pleasure to hear him play.

030-MudgeWoods_01529-0355_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 031-MudgeWoods_01649-0391_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

The reception was held in the lovely Carriage House — especially appropriate for a horse-owning family. Here are a few reception details.

032-MudgeWoods_01915-0445_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 033-MudgeWoods_01932-0449_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 034-MudgeWoods_01942-0452_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 035-MudgeWoods_01952-0455_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

The famous wedding wine.

036-MudgeWoods_02031-0476_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 037-MudgeWoods_02114-0494_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 038-MudgeWoods_02157-0502_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 039-MudgeWoods_02333-0552_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

The band Midnight Movers thrilled the dancing enthusiasts in the crowd all night long. (I am a huge fan of a good brass section, so I was pretty happy, too!)

040-MudgeWoods_02172-0507_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 041-MudgeWoods_02179-0510_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 042-MudgeWoods_02180bw-0512_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 043-MudgeWoods_02216bw-0522_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 044-MudgeWoods_02290-0544_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 045-MudgeWoods_02607-0637_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 046-MudgeWoods_02602-0635_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 047-MudgeWoods_02633-0647_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 048-MudgeWoods_02335-0553_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

Margaret’s cousin Daniel joined the band for a couple of songs during the evening.


A first dance.

050-MudgeWoods_02390-0568_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 051-MudgeWoods_02403-0571_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

A parent dance.

052-MudgeWoods_02432-0582_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 053-MudgeWoods_02428-0577_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 054-MudgeWoods_02438bw-0586_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 055-MudgeWoods_02453-0593_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

The rings on the old, weathered floors of the stables in the Carriage House.


A cake cutting.

057-MudgeWoods_02714-0668_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 058-MudgeWoods_02724-0671_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

And one last perfect cigar shot.

059-MudgeWoods_02814-0688_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 060-MudgeWoods_02847-0695_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography

Congratulations, Margaret & Ian. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both and your families for your wedding!


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Ceremony: The Evergreen Museum & Library

Officiant: Michael Neighbor, a newly ordained-for-this-occasion friend of the groom

Reception: The Evergreen Carriage House

Catering: Maryland Turf Caterers

Bridal attire: eBay

Band: Midnight Movers

Cake: Carrot cake

Invitations: Crane & Co. 

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