Mandy & Byron — Baltimore engagement photos — Baltimore wedding photography

Mandy and Byron are getting married in just a few weeks. At the Maryland Zoo. Where a penguin and Flemish rabbit will be in attendance at their cocktail hour. So I’ve been looking forward to their wedding ever since they booked me. But there’s nothing like a fantastic engagement session to get me even more excited about working with a couple for an upcoming wedding. Many and Byron’s session followed a few weeks of rain and rescheduled shoots for me. So I was thrilled to see perfect, golden, almost-sunset light streaming through the trees as I drove to their apartment complex. They have a wonderful way of being very “on” in front of the camera, resulting in beautiful loosely posed images in which they were smiling at me and aware of the camera. But they were also wonderful at just blocking me out when asked, allowing me to capture some very sweet moments between the two of them. We also had a lot of laughs during this session — centered primarily around Mandy and Byron’s attempts to climb into a tree in which Mandy has always wanted to be photographed as well as the sudden appearance of a fence-hopping, pole-carrying man in all black who can only be described as some of kind of urban ninja. It was very strange! Here are some of my favorites from our afternoon together:

If Monet ever painted in fall colors instead of the pale purple and pink pastels for which he was known, I’m certain the resulting art would look very much like the background of this next image. What perfect fall light and colors!

I’ve had a whole series of clients including their dogs in their engagement and even wedding photos recently. I love it! So without further ado, please meet Carlin.

And now for those tree escapades. Mandy says she noticed the Y division in this tree when she moved to her current apartment six years ago and has wanted to be photographed there ever since. I’m glad we could make it happen!

And here are their reactions from when the previously mentioned ninja dashed past us, hopped a fence and kept going.

See what I mean? They’re wonderful together!

Thanks for such a fun session, Mandy & Byron. I can’t wait to work with you again soon soon soon for the big day!

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