Kate, Chris & the unborn baby Charlotte — maternity photography

I had so much fun with this maternity portrait shoot. Kate, a fabulous event planner with whom I worked at Sylvia & Tim’s wedding, and her husband Chris were expecting their first child in less than a month. We got together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at their house, where I couldn’t have asked for a nicer mix of late-day sunshine and soft window light. They were obviously so looking forward to the imminent arrival of their little girl and so sweet with each other that it was just a joy to photograph them together. This was one of those shoots that made me feel so lucky and so happy to have the job I do. Going to work on a day like this actually cheers me up. So fun!

I’ve been holding off on posting these images because of a little secret Chris had up his sleeve. Though their baby wasn’t due for a couple more weeks, it became increasingly clear shortly after our photo session that Kate was going to have the baby sooner rather than later. Chris really wanted to frame a print for Kate as part of her new-baby gift. So I quickly pulled together a private gallery, ordered the print he chose and then shipped it second-day air from my custom photo lab in hopes that it would make it to Chris before baby Charlotte did. He got the print on a Friday and their little girl arrived two days later. Hurrah!

So here, without further delay, are some of my favorites from the maternity shoot:


A little family portrait before the arrival of the newest member…


There was beautiful, soft light filtering through the sheer curtains in the living room. Combine that with a beautiful mother-to-be and a man very obviously in love with his wife. The result is a series of images that I just love love love.


A few of Kate alone looking stunning.


And one last image: Kate in the baby’s room with her sweet pup.


Congratulations Kate & Chris. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to meet baby Charlotte this week for our newborn portrait session!


  1. gp

    I really like the processing on those first images.

    Much respect. I can’t pull off these shoots to save my life – I flat turn them town.

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