Jake is 1 — Maryland family photography

I recently had the chance to photograph one of my favorite clients, like Jakey. His parents, Hanah & Eric, hired me to document his first year in four photo sessions. I caught up with them at their apartment complex in Ellicott City to admire all of Jake’s new 1-year-old skills — climbing and speed-crawling, pushing himself up to a confident standing position and hesitant walking. Here are some of my favorites from our morning together:

We started with the traditional Korean outfit that Jake wore at his 1-year-old birthday party. He was not terribly thrilled about those plans until…

… his mama started making him laugh.

This is apparently one of Jake’s most favorite activities: yanking on cabinet doors that are locked shut.

Such cute little boots!

Playing with his dad.

With Jake on the move nearly constantly for this session, the only way of getting a family photo was for Eric to put his energetic kiddo on his shoulders. That lasted happily for about 3.6 seconds.

I love this one with his hopeful little face turned up toward the light.

And his curiosity.

And his playfulness.

Though it was *really* cold out, we ducked outside for a few quick shots.

I think all children’s jackets should have ears on the hood. Too cute!

Hanah and Eric, it is always a pleasure to photograph your wonderful family. I can’t wait to see Jake’s new tricks at our next session. Let’s go outside to play!

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