Anita & Brian

Anita and Brian poured so much of themselves into their wedding. But they did it in understated and subtle ways. Their ceremony was a blend of their Jewish and Catholic faiths. They exchanged vows under a traditional Jewish huppah — but the support beams of the huppah were wrapped in saris from Anita’s Indian relatives. A rabbi performed the ceremony but there was also a priestly blessing. Brian stomped a glass at the conclusion of their ceremony — a traditional Jewish custom — but before he did, he and Anita joined her mother and his grandmother in the lighting of a candle — a nice twist on a Catholic custom. They turned the elegant ballroom of the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC into a sea of purple with purple orchids, black feathers and towering white cala lilies. There were cake pops. There were toasts that left people in tears and fits of laughter. There was a crazy dance party. And there was a deep appreciation for the family and friends who celebrated with them — especially since a recent illness had threatened to keep Anita’s father from the wedding — as well as an honoring of those who had passed away. Some couples have massive lists of places they want to shoot or specific photos they’re hoping for on their wedding day. Anita and Brian had only a couple of specific wishes — they loved the long hallways at the Hotel Monaco with the red drum shades as well as the winding back staircase, they wanted photos on Pennsylvania Avenue with the Capitol and they were thrilled with their huppah and ketubah. It was an honor and a joy to oblige those requests and to document all of the emotion of their day.