Erica & Marlon
Washington DC engagement photos -- Washington DC wedding photography


As I finalize schedules and clean gear and triple-check the weather forecast  — 80 degrees and sunny? Yes, please! — for Erica and Marlon’s wedding tomorrow, I couldn’t help but take a moment to look back at the photos from their absolutely beautiful engagement session last fall. People always ask me where my favorite places are to shoot engagement photos. My absolute most-favorite spot is this: someplace that means something to my clients. Sure, it’s important that it be photogenic and I absolutely insist that we go when we have the best chances for great light. But it’s oh so nice to be shooting in a spot that has some special significance to the people being photographed. I always think that being photographed for your engagement session is inherently more awkward than on your wedding day. So it’s helpful to be in a spot where the affection and hugs and sweet looks that I like to capture for my clients occur more naturally. Erica and Marlon hit their location selection out of the park! We met at Haines Point in DC, which is where they met years ago at a barbecue, about 90 minutes before sunset. And we soaked up every last drop of golden gorgeous light that the evening had to offer. They have a wonderful way with each other.  And I absolutely cannot wait to work with them again tomorrow for their elegant wedding at The Belvedere! Here are a few more of my favorites from their engagement session: 02-CliftClary_0603-111_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 03-CliftClary_0213-040_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 04-CliftClary_0082-016_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 05-CliftClary_0150-027_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 06-CliftClary_0164-030_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 07-CliftClary_0200-038_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 08-CliftClary_0453-085_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 09-CliftClary_0627-116_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 10-CliftClary_0639-120_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 11-CliftClary_0232bw-045_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 12-CliftClary_0351-064_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 13-CliftClary_0761-159_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography 14-CliftClary_0769bw-164_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography


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