Easter Vigil

In addition to my job as a weddings and portraits photographer, I have the pleasure of serving as the volunteer liturgical environment coordinator of my church, Corpus Christi in Bolton Hill. That means that I help plan out the church decor and decorate for the holidays and special occasions. I also serve as one of the parish’s unofficial photographers for those holidays and special events.

I wanted to share just a few of the images I made during Holy Week. These are from the Easter Vigil, which is the service the night before Easter Sunday. I love it because it involves fire and candles and bell-ringing and dramatic music. It’s just lovely.

The service begins in total darkness. Then, the pastor, deacons and pastoral associate make fire on the edge of the high altar. I shot these next couple of images from the church’s choir loft, high up in the very back of the church.20090411_corpuschristiholyweek_215-w20090411_corpuschristiholyweek_226-w

Then, the light moves through the church as parishioners light each other’s candles from the flame of the Easter candle.


Then, there’s incense and liturgical dance and more candles and the very moving ceremony in which the parish officially welcomes the adults who have been preparing for full membership of the Catholic church. It’s all just lovely.



  1. Gerri

    Thanks for sharing. The pictures of lighting the fire and the candles are beautiful. I love that part of the service.


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