DC engagement photos: Veronica + Brian
Meridian Hill Park | Baltimore wedding photographer | Baltimore wedding photography

I had such a nice time with Veronica + Brian last fall, dashing around Meridian Hill Park and the Georgetown waterfront, chasing the light, laughing at ducks and making the most of sparkling water fountains. As I reformat memory cards and print schedules, I couldn’t help but look back at and share a few favorites from their engagement session. I’m very much looking forward to working with them again today for their wedding!

BarraganWalsh_0020-0004_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0172-0030_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0180-0032_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0186-0033_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0205-0036_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0368-0061_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0494-0078_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0540-0087_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0596-0098_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0701bw-0117_Baltimore-wedding-photos BarraganWalsh_0741bw-0122_Baltimore-wedding-photos

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