Danyale & Michael – The Engagement Session
Washington DC engagement photos - Washington DC wedding photography


The summer’s heat, humidity and unpredictable thunderstorms tried — several times! — to derail Danyale and Michael’s engagement session. I’m so glad we persisted! We had a wonderful afternoon walking around Georgetown, checking out Chuck Brown, following good light, looking for pretty scenery and a running from a fountain determined to douse them as gusty winds sprayed water in their direction. There were a couple of close calls with the canal (I *must* stop backing up while shooting when I’m near bodies of water!), lots of laughter and an outfit change from casual and summery to sassy and sophisticated. Best of all, though, were the little looks and glances that Danyale and Michael exchanged when I asked them ignore me and act like there was not a 200mm lens aimed at them. As I reformat memory cards and clean gear for their sunset ceremony tonight, I couldn’t help but peek back at a few of my favorites from their engagement session. 02-WilsonDow_0426-0070_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 03-WilsonDow_0434bw-0074_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 04-WilsonDow_0062-0012_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 05-WilsonDow_0163-0025_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 06-WilsonDow_0399-0065_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 07-WilsonDow_0461-0078_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 08-WilsonDow_0505bw-0091_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 09-WilsonDow_0582-0104_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 10-WilsonDow_0625bw-0121_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 11-WilsonDow_0684-0133_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography 12-WilsonDow_0669bw-0128_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_DC-EngagementPhotos_DCWeddingPhotography


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