Courtney & Ned — Hayfields Country Club — Maryland wedding photography

Courtney & Ned are both school teachers. When we met last winter, they told me they both feel somewhat awkward in front of a camera. I, however, wasn’t the least bit worried. Just watching them together — the smiles they bring out in each other, the looks they exchange and the comfort they obviously feel as a couple — I knew they’d be lots of fun to work with at their wedding.

I could not have been more correct.

My day started at the Hayfields Country Club, where the staff always help plan fantastic events. There, Courtney got ready with a gaggle of women, including her mom, sisters, nieces, friends and others.

I love the expression on her face here as she sees her hair and makeup for the first time.


Some fun details:


Before getting into her dress, Courtney called her about-to-be-husband. I caught only a snippet of her conversation while I was shooting. “Hey there. Whatcha doin’?” she asked. So sweet.



I should mention here that Courtney & Ned had the most adorable children in their wedding. And there were a *ton* of them. Wait ’til you see them all!


I love the suite that Hayfields makes available to its brides. It’s simple and has great windows. On Courtney’s wedding day, there was fantastic light streaming in.



Arriving at Corpus Christi Church in Bolton Hill.


No, it wasn’t raining. And no, it didn’t look like it was about to rain. But it was quite windy. So Courtney’s bridesmaids shielded her — and her perfectly coiffed hair — from the breeze with an umbrella from my alma mater. Go Terps!


Here are some more candids of those cute kids I mentioned before…



And finally, it’s time to get married.


Giving her away at the end of the aisle, Courtney’s dad told Ned, “Well, I guess she’s all yours.


The vows.


The twirling flower girl.33-33-Hectus-blog834-34-CHectus_1006-45135-35-CHectus_0802-353

The departure.


And some quick portraits before the skies opened up. I just love this one — the look they’re exchanging, the way they’re holding each others hands, the light. Everything.


Then, we’re off to Hayfields again for the reception.


And because there was a performance that night at nearby Oregon Ridge Park, that meant free fireworks off in the distance for Courtney & Ned and their guests!


Congratulations, Courtney & Ned. I couldn’t be happier for you. It was a joy to work with you on your wedding day!


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