Cary & Dean – a preview!

I recently had the rare pleasure of photographing not one sweet little newborn baby, but a pair of them! Cary and Dean are just the cutest little twins you could ever imagine. I couldn’t even wait to finish editing the shoot before I had to post these couple for their parents, my dear friends Tanika and Lester. As a new mom myself, I can’t even imagine the challenges inherent in handling TWO new babies at the same time. They, however, make it look easy.

Here are a few of my favorites from our morning together:

This next one reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Michael Lewis’ excellent memoir on fatherhood, Home Game. During an overnight camping trip to an amusement park, two little kids holler to each other early in the morning to find out if the other is awake. Here, it looks like Dean is about to shout out, ‘Cary? Are you awake? I’m awake!’

I love how they are straining to see each other. After all that time, crowded into their mama’s belly, they still want to be close to each other. Amazing!

I think you always need a little context to show just how tiny new babies are. They. Are. Tiny.

Tanika, looking gorgeous and snuggling up with Dean.

You can just tell what a good mama she already is…

And Lester, giving Cary a little love. OK, a lot of love.

Totally tuckered out from their photo shoot.

Congratulations, Tanika and Lester. Your boys are just darling!


  1. Kristin

    Those babies are CUTE!!! Great photos, Jen. Congrats to the new parents.


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