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Here’s what you need to know about Taylor + Brendan. They will be exchanging vows this summer in the small French town where they fell in love during a study abroad program in college. But when they realized that Taylor’s grandparents would be unable to attend the overseas nuptials, they decided to have a small wedding ceremony first at her parents’ home in Hunt Valley. That kind of affection for family infused the entire affair. The chuppah under which the couple said their I do’s was made of branches from the woods surrounding her family’s home. Fabric from the underskirt of her mother’s wedding gown and simple floral wreaths topped the canopy. A sister watched the ceremony via Skype on an iPad from Madagascar, where she serves in the Peace Corps. And although candid photos of the ceremony where their priority for the day, the newlyweds took the time to pose with each of their 30 guests in attendance. It was an absolute joy to work with these families. Here are some of my favorites from their ceremony and brunch:


The beautiful chuppah stood in the center of the living room of the bride’s parents’ exquisitely modern home.


Funny story: As Taylor and Brendan contemplated marriage and having a family one day down the road, their conversation turned to sports allegiances. The couple agreed that their children could be raised Jewish, as Taylor desired, if they could also grow up cheering for the Red Sox, as the Boston-born groom desired. The lovely cake from Patisserie Poupon reflected these divided loyalties.

004-SalditchButler_00021-0006_Baltimore-wedding-photography 005-SalditchButler_00625-0183_Baltimore-wedding-photography 006-SalditchButler_00223-0055_Baltimore-wedding-photography 007-SalditchButler_00134-0032_Baltimore-wedding-photographyTaylor’s sister, Blair, joined the party via Skype.008-SalditchButler_00174-0043_Baltimore-wedding-photography 009-SalditchButler_00193-0048_Baltimore-wedding-photography

Taylor’s grandparents arrive for the ceremony. They could not have been more darling.010-SalditchButler_00253-0059_Baltimore-wedding-photography 011-SalditchButler_00262-0063_Baltimore-wedding-photography

The obvious delight on his face as he got to speak to his far-flung granddaughter, essentially face to face, was marvelous.012-SalditchButler_00284-0070_Baltimore-wedding-photography

And then it was time to get married.013-SalditchButler_00361-0094_Baltimore-wedding-photography 014-SalditchButler_00338-0083_Baltimore-wedding-photography

I absolutely love capturing these moments of real, honest emotion for my clients.015-SalditchButler_00351bw-0091_Baltimore-wedding-photography 016-SalditchButler_00388bw-0103_Baltimore-wedding-photography 017-SalditchButler_00402-0109_Baltimore-wedding-photography 018-SalditchButler_00422-0114_Baltimore-wedding-photography 019-SalditchButler_00429bw-0117_Baltimore-wedding-photography 020-SalditchButler_00447-0124_Baltimore-wedding-photography 021-SalditchButler_00459bw-0130_Baltimore-wedding-photography 022-SalditchButler_00502bw-0148_Baltimore-wedding-photography

Married!023-SalditchButler_00504-0149_Baltimore-wedding-photography 024-SalditchButler_00548bw-0166_Baltimore-wedding-photography 025-SalditchButler_00562-0169_Baltimore-wedding-photography 026-SalditchButler_00666-0200_Baltimore-wedding-photography 027-SalditchButler_00989-0268_Baltimore-wedding-photography 028-SalditchButler_00994-0271_Baltimore-wedding-photography 029-SalditchButler_00638-0188_Baltimore-wedding-photography

After a quick toast and a few efficient formal photos, guests enjoyed a leisurely Sunday brunch as they basked in each other’s company. It was truly lovely.030-SalditchButler_00690-0205_Baltimore-wedding-photography 031-SalditchButler_00752bw-0219_Baltimore-wedding-photography 032-SalditchButler_00815-0232_Baltimore-wedding-photography 033-SalditchButler_00898-0245_Baltimore-wedding-photography

Taylor mentioned that her father took tons of photos of her sisters and her when they were growing up in which he asked them to look away and then bring their eyes back to him. We couldn’t resist making a wedding-day version of the trademark photo.034-SalditchButler_00936-0250_Baltimore-wedding-photography

And a few darling photos of the newlyweds.035-SalditchButler_00950bw-0254_Baltimore-wedding-photography 036-SalditchButler_00958-0260_Baltimore-wedding-photography


Many, many congratulations, Taylor + Brendan. It was an absolute joy working with you and your families.


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography, LLC

Ceremony + Brunch: The bride’s parents’ home

Bridal attire: A Rag & Bone dress from Nordstrom

Groom’s attire: A Bonobos suit

Florist: Flowers & Fancies

Cake: Patisserie Poupon



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