Baby Naomi – Maryland family photography

Kelly and I had been having a difficult time finding mutually available time on our calendars to schedule a family portrait session with her husband Mark and their sweet, sweet baby girl Naomi. Tossing out some possible dates, Kelly wrote in an e-mail, “If not, maybe in mid-September — after your Labor Day wedding. (We’re hoping to go to the beach that second week of September.)”


My eyes instantly lit up. “When you say beach, where do you mean?” I wrote back, explaining that the wedding I was photographing over Labor Day weekend was on the Eastern Shore and that I would be at the beach for a few days afterward with my husband and our own sweet baby girl. “Soooo, if you three will be in Maryland-Delaware beachland during any overlapping part of that time, we could even do your session at the beach?!? Just a thought…”


I tried to be all casual about it. But I was actually really hoping they would want to do a beach shoot. The prospect of Kelly and Mark’s cute little family laughing and playing in the sand and strolling along the wave line in some golden, glowy, almost-sunset light seemed too irresistible to pass up. The stars must have aligned or something because it worked out perfectly. It was so much fun, in fact, that I would have gladly driven all the way from Baltimore!


Here are some of my favorites from our afternoon together:


This next series of five images makes me laugh every time I look at it.

How Mark’s entire face and forehead ended up covered in sand, I have no idea.

I imagine that Naomi is thinking something along the lines of, “Ummmm, Mom and Dad, what’s so funny?”

My friend Kelly, looking gorgeous and motherly — and not at *all* like she had just had a baby three months earlier.

I love these two.

And this one.

Don’t want to leave out Dad. To me, this is just pure sweetness.

We also shot a little back at the house in the woods that Kelly and Mark rented for the week. Which, of course, required a different outfit for the babe.

I love Naomi’s expression here.

What a happy little family.

What a lucky little girl…

As new parents never forget, oh how quickly the little ones’ moods can change.

This was another one of my favorite moments from our  shoot. Unbeknownst to Kelly, Mark swiped little Naomi’s pink hat. And promptly tried to wear it.

And it takes Kel a couple of beats to notice.

Could they be any sweeter together?

Making a Naomi sandwich.

Kelly and Mark, it was oh so much fun to photograph your beautiful family. I can’t wait until our girls are playing together on the beach. Maybe even next summer!


  1. Liz Duren

    Those are absolutely beautiful. They will cherish those pictures forever! How wonderful!!


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