Baby Liam

It was such fun to photograph baby Liam — just a few weeks old — and his parents. Vero & Ryan currently live in Trinidad & Tobago but came back to Washington for the birth of their first child. I was lucky enough to get to photograph the new family of three before they headed back home.

It often happens when I photograph little children that some of my favorite shots come at the end of our session. This seems somewhat counterintuitive. You’d think that children — and particularly babies — might be fresh and happiest at the start of a shoot. Yet I often find that it’s the images at the end — when we strip off the outfits that parents have carefully chosen and photograph the wee one in just a diaper or nothing at all — that are my favorites. There’s something just so sweet and natural about a barely dressed baby.

Such was the case with little Liam. So I’m starting with some of my faves from the end of our shoot.

This very well might be one of my most favorite baby photos ever…


How quickly their moods can change.


Ohmigosh, how cute are little baby feet?


Such a darling little man.


Come on into the picture, Vero. She seems as enthralled with her new baby as he is with her…


Love the feel of this one. Check out those eyelashes on the new mama.


Smiles all around — not something that happens too frequently with such a little one.


I love photos that offer some perspective on how tiny new babies are. That’s why I like this one of Liam — plopped down between his parents, on this big red couch — so much.


Would have loved to have stripped Liam down for these next few — can you just imagine a naked little bundle of joy on such a big, beautiful sofa? — but we were a little worried about grandma’s gorgeous linen couch and silk pillows.


More baby feet…


I love the look on Ryan’s face here. Such pride and happiness.


I equally love the expressions on the baby’s face in these next few.


We tried to take Liam outside for a few photos in the flowers, but it was really too bright out for his young little eyes.


One last, sweet moment between Vero and Liam.


Congratulations Vero & Ryan. It was a joy to photograph your new arrival! Cant’s wait to see you on your next visit to DC…


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