Baby Jake – Maryland family portraits

This was my second session photographing baby Jake and his parents, Hanah and Eric. The first time around, little Jakey was about 6 weeks old. I couldn’t believe how much he’s grown since then! Now 8 months old, he was crawling and clapping and — debuting a new move for the first time ever, during our photo shoot — pulling himself up on a wall. Jake could not have been more delighted with himself. We had a great time together, running around Hanah and Eric’s new apartment complex in Ellicott City — an old mill that had *tons* of fun spots in which to shoot.

Here are a few of my favorites from our morning together, the second of  four in the first-year package that Hanah and Eric hired me to shoot:

We were headed outside to start shooting when I saw this wonderful shaft of light streaming through a stairwell window. We plopped down Jakey and let him do his cute thing.

The happy family outside. There was a styling dispute going on: One parent (can you guess?) wanted Jake’s hair to be mohawk-style for the whole shoot while the other preferred it combed nicely to the side.

By the look of Jakey’s nice, neat hair here, you can see that Hanah prevailed.

When parents are jumping around and dancing and hooting and hollering to get their kiddo to smile and do something cute, I always like spinning around to snap a few behind me. Here’s what was motivating Jake’s cute little smiles.

I love how Eric is using his boy as a chin rest here. So sweet…

This was my favorite moment in the shoot. Jake was sitting and crawling around on this little landing by the plate-glass fencing that encircled this section of garden when he suddenly noticed his reflection.

He then proceeded to walk his hands up the glass until he was standing. I quickly jumped in the garden to capture his sheer delight — through the glass — at having stood himself up and being able to play with the glass surface. These are some of my favorite images ever. Though I normally crop out stray elements in a frame, I actually love Eric’s hand reaching in in the first image below on the left. He and Hanah were a little nervous at their boy’s newest feat.

This was Hanah and Eric’s wedding anniversary. With that extra little ounce of context, I just love the way Hanah is looking at her husband in this next one.

Hanah and Eric, it was a pleasure to photograph your sweet family again. I can’t wait to see how much more Jakey has grown in a month or two for our next shoot!


  1. Hanah

    Jen, the photos are absolutely amazing!
    We had so much fun.
    Can’t wait for our next session.

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