Baby Charlotte — newborn photography

Maybe it’s that my own little one is about to be born. (I’m just three days from my due date now!) Or maybe it’s that I’ve gotten to photograph some sweeter-than-sweet babies this year. But I really just can’t get enough of these fun little photo shoots.

Baby Charlotte was no exception. Her parents, Kate & Chris, chose my four-session package of portraits before their sweet girl was born. That included a maternity session with Kate’s baby bump, a newborn session within two weeks of Charlotte’s birth and then two more as baby Charlotte approaches toddlerhood — probably at about 6 months and 1 year.

She was a wee bit fussy on the day of our shoot. Babies can do that, you know, and we still got some beautiful images. But I came back a few days later when she was a little happier and more awake.

Here are some of my favorites from our afternoons:

Yes, she’s actually smiling in her sleep. How sweet is that?

Oh dear. Unhappiness… But what a cute little Moses basket that she’s in!

Oh how I love little baby hands and feet.

Newborn session, take 2: A few with mom. I converted a lot of the images from our second shoot into black and white because the soft window light, Kate’s dark sweater and the dark background really brought the focus right in on little Charlotte and her interactions with her mom. That effect was amplified in classic black and white.

This photo makes me laugh. It’s as if Charlotte is shielding herself from the camera like celebrities sometimes do with the paparazzi: ‘Please, no more pictures.’

And I just love love love this next series of three images. Doesn’t it look like they’re totally having a conversation? And that Charlotte might be lecturing or scolding her mom?

Again, so sweet.

This was from the very end of our shoot. She had, again, tuckered herself out.

Congratulations, Kate & Chris. Your little one is just precious. I can’t wait to see her grow up through my camera lens over the next 11 months!


  1. Graeme

    Beautiful and precious. Love that window light.

    1. jennifermcmenamin

      Thanks, Graeme! I love love loved that window light. And I underexposed quite a bit in camera to make the bedstand and other stuff behind them all fade to black. I was really happy with the way it all turned out!

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