Amy & Don — Corpus Christi Church & The Baltimore Museum of Industry — Baltimore wedding photography

For years, I had sat behind Don in church, saying hello each week and learning little bits here and there about each other. I couldn’t help but smile when he started bringing a lovely dark-haired woman to church each week. He and Amy had a very easy way with each other and obviously made one another quite happy. So I was thrilled when they pulled me aside one day after Mass to let me know they were engaged and looking for a wedding photographer.

There is a term in the wedding industry to characterize the high-maintenance, controlling clients who require lots of attention during the wedding-planning process and throw fits when everything isn’t just so on their wedding day. Amy was the absolute antithesis of a bridezilla. She and Don both couldn’t have been easier to work with or more laid back. They sought my help in creating their wedding-day schedule so that we could actually be shooting in the great light — what a concept! And when that schedule got wrecked by some unexpected traffic that delayed their ceremony, they shrugged their shoulders and moved on with a smile. They were just happy to be marrying each other and to have their friends and family with them for a fun celebration of their love — and their love for Baltimore. Here are some of my favorites from their day:

A friend of the couple, Josephine Bergin, who is also a graphic designer created a stunning invitation suite for their big day. She started with the Baltimore skyline and graphics that echoed Hatch Show Print, the style of one of the country’s oldest letterpress print shops in Nashville that has created posters for famous country music performers. (The latter was a nod to a trip that Amy and Don took to Nashville in the early stages of their courtship to celebrate New Year’s Eve.) Those elements, combined with the couple’s love of the Baltimore Orioles, evolved into their invitations.

The groom getting ready.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Amy and her girlfriends were getting ready themselves.

There were lots of jokes about how three women who once wore sneakers to their prom were now trying to figure out eye shadow and blush.

Practicing her dance with her dad.

Amy has one of the best laughing smiles I’ve ever seen. (When I mentioned as much to Don, he said he had loved that about Amy from their very first date.) I got to see a lot of it on their wedding day!

And then it was off to the church (which, incidentally, is one of my most favorites ever, having been the site of my own wedding nearly seven years ago!).

The groom’s mom.

The groom’s dad, greeting his soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

And it was finally time to get married. This next image is from my assistant, Lucas.

Deacon Fritz Bauerschmidt, who performed the ceremony, kept the couple smiling and laughing through his sermon.

A performance by the girls’ choir from the Institute of Notre Dame.


This next image is also from Lucas, my assistant.

Amy, a veterinarian, and Don, an elementary school teacher, really wanted to include their dog Oyster in their photos. I was so happy that they had a neighbor bring him by after the ceremony.

I loved this little banner that Amy ordered from Etsy.

After a  few more quick portraits, we were off to the Baltimore Museum of Industry, a fantastic spot for a reception that offers stunning views of Baltimore and a quirky look at the changing technologies and industries of our country.

I loved  all the little details that Amy and Don planned — drinks served in mason jar mugs, beer cozies as favors, tables named after their favorite spots in Charm City and placecard charms made from nuts and bolts in honor of the reception venue.

A few nighttime portraits by the skyline. And the famous Domino Sugar sign — a landmark that just screams Baltimore.

A first dance.

A pair of parent dances.

A few toasts and tributes.

A song written by the groom about the bride and performed by his friends.

And lots of merriment.

I loved these custom cake toppers, crafted to look like Amy, Don and Oyster, and the little cake, made by a co-worker of the bride’s sister to match the invitation.

Congratulations, Amy and Don. It was a true joy to work with you both on your wedding day.

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Ceremony: Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church

Officiant: Fritz Bauerschmidt

Ceremony musicians: Dan Meyer and the choir of the Institute of Notre Dame

Reception: The Baltimore Museum of Industry

Catering and cupcakes: Rouge Fine Catering

Bridal attire: David’s Bridal Collection

Hair: Padma Salon

Florist: Floral Impressions

Band/DJ: My Deejay

Groom’s attire: Tuxedo House

Invitations: Josephine Bergin


  1. Judy Riggs

    These are great pics and bring back fun memories!
    Judy Riggs

  2. Rosemarie Gavasto

    What beautiful photos of a loving couple. I worked with Don back here in the Burlington School District. He is one awesome young man. Have a happy life and God bless you both. Your wedding was beautiful.


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