Amanda & Steve — Loyola Chapel & The Engineers Club — Baltimore wedding photography

Amanda & Steve’s wedding was my 32nd and last of 2010. It was the perfect capper to my best wedding season yet. Why? Well, they picked two of my favorite spots to shoot in Baltimore — the Alumni Memorial Chapel of Loyola University, which has the most perfect, dramatic lighting for a wedding ceremony, and the Engineers Club at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion in the city’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. The 157-year-old building encompasses four historic townhomes that were transformed into one grand residence, complete with 100 windows, 16 fireplaces and a twisting hardwood staircase capped by a Tiffany glass dome. The Women’s Auxiliary in which brides usually get dressed — with its towering stained-glass windows overlooking Mount Vernon Place — is my most favorite getting-ready room ever. The whole place is, needless to say, a beautiful spot for a wedding.

But it wasn’t just the venues that made this wedding so much fun for me. It was, of course, Amanda and Steve. From my very first meeting with them nearly a year ago, they felt like friends. I photographed the wedding of their friends Christine and Kevin in 2008 in Philadelphia. Steve served as one of Kevin’s best men and, apparently, distinguished himself on the dance floor late in the evening, unfortunately well after I had finished shooting. A work-from-home computer software something-or-another guy, Steve was my main contact as he and Amanda planned their wedding. That doesn’t happen too often. But with Amanda’s busy schedule as a teacher, he did a superb job. He even called me a few days before the wedding to make sure there wasn’t anything else I needed before their big day — something that is de rigueur for wedding planners but not usually wedding clients. I was most appreciative.

Together, Amanda and Steve planned a perfect celebration of their lives and their love. From the delicate lace garter that Amanda wore (and that her mother first pulled on for her own wedding years ago) to the reception tables named after the couple’s favorite bars (and marked by original photo illustrations by Baltimore artist Robert McClintock), the wedding featured personal touches that just made it their own. I’m also a sucker for a good dose of genuine emotion on wedding days and Amanda and Steve had that in spades. I knew it would be a good day from my first few minutes in the Women’s Auxiliary with Amanda. As the make-up artist started to apply mascara to Amanda’s lashes, the bride stopped her. “Wait,” she said softly. “Is it waterproof?” It was.

Here are some of my favorites from Amanda & Steve’s wonderful day:

The staircase at the Engineers Club.

Amanda knew what time Steve was supposed to be getting into a limo outside the mansion to head to the chapel. I love these two images of her trying to sneak a peek of her soon-to-be-husband.

The aforementioned garter.

Amanda’s mom helped her with her earrings.

A few quick portraits of the bride, looking gorgeous.

A toast, accompanied by Amanda’s fantastic laugh.

And they were off to the chapel.

I can’t remember ever including images of the bride and groom’s parents before in a blog post. But I couldn’t resist adding these. Have you ever seen a set of parents happier to be walking down the aisle at their child’s wedding. Look at the groom’s dad, in particular, on the left. I love it!

Amanda’s grand entrance.

I love love love shooting in this chapel.

I love this next pair of images. Such a sweet moment between the newlyweds.


Since it was December — and it gets dark early in December — we photographed Amanda and Steve with their families and wedding party in the church before heading back to the Engineers Club.

A few portraits of the bride and groom.

Despite the dark and the freezing cold, Amanda and Steve really wanted pictures at the Washington Monument with their wedding party. We waited and waited and waited for the lights to come on and then dashed outside to make a few quick images. So fun!

A few reception details.

The toasts — including the dueling best men, one of whom was my former wedding client Kevin — were epic-ly fantastic. (Yes, I know that’s not a real word. But any other description of those guys’ toasts was insufficient. It was two parts stand-up comedy mixed with one part love.)

A first dance.

A couple of parent dances.

And lots of fun and merriment.

The reflection of the cake table on the ceiling of the atrium somehow produced two cake tables.

Congratulations, Amanda & Steve. It was an absolute joy working with you. I couldn’t have imagined closing out my 2010 season with anyone else!

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

Ceremony: Loyola Alumni Memorial Chapel

Reception & Catering: The Engineers Club

Bridal attire: Jacqueline’s Bridal

Make-up: Amanda Ritchey Bridal & Beauty

Hair: Hair Design By Abby

Groom’s attire: The Tuxedo House

Florist: Shelly’s Blossom Shop

Cake: Graul’s Bakery

DJ: Evan Reitmeyer at My Deejay

Invitations: Kindly RSVP

Table cards: Designed by Kindly RSVP with artwork from Robert McClintock


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    Such an amazing day and so perfectly captured! Gorgeous!


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