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When I meet with prospective clients, there’s usually two or three really fun things about their wedding plans that stick with me — little elements that I look forward to long after they decide to hire me and as their wedding date nears. It might be a fabulous pair of red shoes that a bride plans to wear. Or the pedicabs she has hired to transport her wedding party to the reception. Or the fact that her father, a minister, will marry them.

With Allison and Johnathon, there were about 20 such things. Starting with their date — October 10, 2010. As in 10/10/10. Lots of people got married that Sunday this year. (The Knot estimated that 32,000 couples chose the numerically significant date to get hitched.) But I’d bet that few meticulously scheduled their wedding days, starting with a 4.30 a.m. wake-up call, so that they would be walking down the garden aisle aisle at Historic London Town on 10/10/10 at 10.10 a.m. In addition to that fun little tidbit, Allison’s mother, Arla, also mentioned in our first conversation that there would be croquet and a treasure hunt, 1,000 paper origami cranes (because 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000) and ribbon windsocks strung up in the trees, that a peacock feather had inspired the color scheme of the day and that she was making every stitch of the bridal party’s attire — among the million other projects that this DIY family tackled to make Allison and Johnathon’s day special.

Here are some of my favorites from their fun day:

Allison made souvenir books for all of her guests in lieu of, as she put it, ’10 bits of paper’ for programs, menu cards and such. They also provided the clues for the treasure hunt.

The bride and her mother really thought of everything, right down to throw pillows in her colors that they tossed on the benches at London Town.

I love this next shot — of croquet balls — by my friend and second shooter, Monica.

Not too many brides have wet, muddy feet just before getting dressed for their wedding. Allison did after running around London Town’s 23-acre property, setting up her treasure hunt.

I was completely in love with these ribbon wind socks hung in the trees.

Getting into the beautiful dress made by her mother.

Allison and Johnathon decided to see each other before their ceremony, which gave us plenty of time to make some beautiful pictures of them on London Town’s gorgeous grounds. I love the progression of Allison’s reaction in these next few images.

Allison loves trees. So much so that she initially wanted to be photographed in a tree on her wedding day. Although she abandoned that plan, I kept it in mind as I composed images of her and Johnathon walking through the woods together.

She hung on to this little purple flower from Johnathon all day.

The light was just spectacular.

I love how she’s up on her tippy-toes here to get a kiss from her soon-to-be husband.

I never ask my clients to dip each other or jump together. But when they decide to do it themselves, the spontaneity makes for a lovely image. In this case, Johnathon declared, ‘Times Square dip,” before tipping Allison back for a kiss.

Little ring bearer AJ was laughing his head off all day.

Monica photographed the gents and Johnathon’s family while I worked with the ladies and Allison’s relatives so that we could zip through a long list of formal photos.

Finally, it was time to get married. Allison had prepared herself for the likelihood that her wedding would not start exactly at 10.10 a.m. But I had to smile when I looked at my watch and saw that the processional was starting at 10 past 10 on the dot. (The bride is, afterall, studying to be a theater director and, as her mom told me, this was her most important production to date.)

I love the anticipation in this next image by Monica.

One of my most favorite ceremony images ever — such genuine emotion in such a beautiful spot for a wedding.

Each place card was attached to an antique key.

The first guest to finish the treasure hunt.

There were Puerto Rican sesame candies — a nod to Johnathon’s heritage — and pumpkin chocolates tucked into these cute little boxes at each guest’s place.

A pair of peacocks sat at the foot of this towering wedding cake made by the bride’s mother. Centerpieces, arranged in real pumpkins, were designed and created by her aunt.

Guests enjoyed a fabulous brunch — complete with bottomless mimosas — from Saucy Salamander.

Watching a slideshow made by their friends.

A dress with pockets! (Fun fact: This was my second wedding of the weekend for which the bride wore a dress with pockets!)

Soooo, the bride and groom are huge Lost fans. Huuuuge fans. (Fun fact No. 2: They actually invited Terry O’Quinn, the actor who played John Locke, to their wedding when they learned he had lived in Maryland. He did not respond to their invitation.) In any case, Allison brought me a photocopy of an image from Entertainment Weekly that she wanted to replicate. That London Town happens to have a garden where corn was growing was icing on the cake.

Here’s what we came up with:

Here’s one more apparently Lost-inspired image, which Monica shot. I did not watch very much of the series and gave up for good after finding out there was a character called the Smoke Monster who was also somehow John Locke. So I don’t understand the reference here, though Monica — a huge fan — tried explaining it to me about 10 times on our drive back to Baltimore that day. But I’m told the bride and groom will love it and I’m all for making my clients happy!

Back to the non-Lost parts of the wedding… A little croquet on the lawn.

I love these cigar shots from Monica.

And I love love this quiet moment she captured of Allison’s flower girl blowing bubbles off the dock at the end of the afternoon.

The newlyweds bid farewell to each guest as they made their way through the crowd at the end of the reception.

Then, ran down the rest of the dock. And sailed off into the late-afternoon sun.

Congratulations, Allison & Johnathon. I couldn’t have had more fun working with you and capturing every little moment and detail of your carefully planned day!


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