A St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church & Musket Ridge Golf Club wedding: A sneak peek for Theresa + Stephen
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Frederick | The Musket Ridge Golf Course | Maryland wedding photography | Maryland wedding photographer


I met Theresa + Stephen through his brother, Joseph, whose wonderful wedding to Jenny I photographed several years ago. So I was delighted and honored when Theresa e-mailed me to see if I was available for their wedding date. We didn’t meet until her wedding day — just a few minutes before she walked down the aisle toward Stephen, actually. But she’s such a kind and gracious person that it felt all day long like I’d known her much longer. It was also tremendous fun to see Jenny + Joseph again and meet their new little addition to their family, darling Nico. As I work on the full collection of photographs from Theresa + Stephen’s big day, I couldn’t help sharing a few favorites as a little sneak peek for the newlyweds. There are many, many more photos to come. Enjoy!

002-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0000 003-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0001 004-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0002 005-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0004 006-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0005 007-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0003 008-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0007 009-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0006 010-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0008 011-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0009 012-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0010 013-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0011 014-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0012 015-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0013 016-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0014 018-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0023 019-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0015 020-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0017 021-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0018 022-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0019 023-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0021 024-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography-Musket-Ridge-Golf-Course_0020


  1. Emeka Nwokeji


  2. Tina Platt

    These photos made my heart so happy. God bless you both as you commit love to eachother through all things.

  3. Tina Platt

    These photos made my heart so happy. God bless you both as you commit love to eachother through all things.


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