A Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore wedding: Katy + Mike
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One of my most favorite parts of a wedding day are the toasts and tributes that a couple’s closest friends and family members offer in their honor during the reception. At Katy + Mike’s gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore nuptials, his best man really knocked his toast out of the park. He first explained that there is one word that makes Mike such a good friend: Yes. Mike almost always says yes — to adventures, to fun, to standing dates with his best friend, to tough changes that will make life better. This included packing up and moving to Miami when the beautiful and freckled red head whom he had met at a wedding he was DJing was heading south for a new job. (And best man Jason shared all of that *before* busting out a light-up party hat and performing a Backstreet Boys hit with the groom!) Combine those kinds of touching stories with one of the kindest families I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know during the wedding planning process and it was truly a lovely day. Unless they accompany their children to our initial appointment, I usually don’t get to meet my clients’ parents until the wedding day. But I was thrilled to spend some time with Katy’s parents, Nora + Harry, during their daughter’s engagement session and to receive utterly lovely handwritten notes and e-mails from them as the wedding date approached. (When it started to rain during the engagement session, Nora even dashed out with an umbrella to hold over me and my camera gear as I continued shooting Katy + Mike under the overhang of her family’s church.) It was such a delight to photograph this beautiful celebration! Here are some of my favorites from Katy + Mike’s big day:

002-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 003-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 004-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 005-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

Katy was so expressive and so much fun to photograph!006-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 007-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 008-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 009-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 010-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

The bride, looking absolutely lovely!011-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 012-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 013-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 014-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 015-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 016-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

A quick portrait of Mike looking very dapper, indeed. 017-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

And then it was time to get married!018-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 019-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 020-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 021-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 022-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

A forecasted rain storm during the exact hour of the ceremony forced everyone indoors. Fortunately, the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore has such beautiful ballrooms that make for wonderful bad-weather backup plans!023-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 024-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 025-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 026-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

I loved photographing the way these two looked at each other during their ceremony and then throughout the day.027-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 028-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 029-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

As I walked around the room during the reception, I repeatedly overheard guests marveling at the personal vows and promises that Katy + Mike shared with each other during the ceremony. 030-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 031-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 032-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 033-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 034-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 035-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

Married! 036-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 037-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 038-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

After some efficient family and wedding party photos, the newlyweds and I stole away for a few fun portraits on the Four Seasons’ lovely — and on this particular day — very windy pool deck!039-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 040-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 041-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 042-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

043-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 044-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

Speaking of that wind, it whipped Katy’s veil right off her head. If it bothered her even one iota, she sure didn’t let on. She simply shrugged and we continued taking pictures. (The veil was later recovered one floor below on the hotel’s spa deck!)045-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 046-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

In addition to being expressive and funny, Katy is also incredibly elegant and stylish.047-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 048-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 049-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 050-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

A few reception details. 051-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 052-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 053-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 054-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 055-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 056-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 057-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 058-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

A very sophisticated and beautifully choreographed first dance!059-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 060-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 061-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 062-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 063-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 064-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 065-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 066-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 067-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 068-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

A quartet of wonderful toasts. 069-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 070-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 071-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 072-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 073-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 074-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 075-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 076-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

Plus a tribute to the bride from her new husband.077-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

A pair of parent dances. 078-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 079-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

And lots and lots of fun and frivolity.080-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 081-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 082-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 083-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 084-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 085-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 086-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 087-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 088-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 089-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography 090-Four-Seasons-Baltimore-wedding-Jennifer-McMenamin-Photography

Many, many congratulations, Katy + Mike! It was such a pleasure to work with you both, your friends and your families.


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography, LLC

Ceremony & Reception: The Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

Officiant: Dave Latzer, a friend of the couple


Bridal attire: Essence of Australia gown from Belissima Bridal Shop

Hair & Make-up: Haute Blow Dry Bar


Groom’s attire: Calvin Klein tuxedo

Florist: Radebaugh

Cake: Snickerdoodles Bakery

DJs: Stephen “Huggy Bear” Barr and Eric “Shorty” Meyerson


  1. Katy Knipp

    I don’t even quite know where to start, but Jennifer was simply AMAZING. From our first session of the engagement photos, right through to midnight on the wedding day, she took such good care of us. And not just me and the groom, but all members of the family too. Tremendous attentional to detail in every way possible. The whole family is simply thrilled with the portfolio. Every photo is just CRYSTAL clear, and she really captured all of the emotions of the wedding day. In fact, other friends comment about how good our photos are and how nicely Jennifer was able to capture everyone so naturally, and at just the right moment. The only hard part is picking out your favorite photos because they ALL came out so well. ALL OF THEM. SERIOUSLY.
    In addition to her photos being the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve been in a LOT of weddings over the years), her service is simply top notch. She is responsive, kind, happy, upbeat, SO VERY thoughtful, warm and loving — you can really ask her just about anything and she’ll do her best to make it happen. Furthermore, she is extremely compulsive so that all photos are 3x backed up, no detail of the wedding is missed, and everyone comes out looking just perfect. I could NOT be happier with our choice — and I’m well, VERY picky. I will miss talking to Jennifer every week — as a friend! — and will certainly use her for baby pics in February when our son is due! Thank you again Jennifer to making our day even more special than I thought it could ever be.

    1. Jennifer McMenamin Post author

      Oh my goodness, Katy! Thank you so much for the kind words. I loved everything about working with you, Mike, your friends and your families. And many, many congratulations on your exciting news!!! I can’t wait to meet and photograph your little family next year! xo.


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