A Belvedere 13th Floor wedding: Tracie + Jeremy
The Belvedere 13th Floor // Baltimore wedding photographer // Baltimore wedding photography

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of photographing a handful of very small, intimate weddings this year — including one with just the couple and their pastor on a Baltimore dock! — and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy them. There’s something to be said for being surrounded by your closest of family members and friends and getting to spend actual good, quality time with every single person at your wedding. As a photographer who enjoys capturing genuine emotion and authentic moments above all else on a wedding day, it is a sight to behold when a room is just brimming with love like that for the people promising their lives to each other. Tracie + Jeremy exchanged vows and rings in just that manner. They had two dozen family members on hand when they married on a drizzly, gray fall day in Baltimore. They didn’t let the weather get them down or even alter their carefully plotted plans. We still took pictures of them seeing each other outside their home. We still made beautiful portraits — including with their darling and *very* enthusiastic puppy, Theodore — in their favorite park. And we still captured every happy moment of a very personal ceremony officiated by the bride’s brother and a happy dinner party afterward at the historic Belvedere’s 13th Floor. Here are some of my favorite images from Tracie + Jeremy’s beautiful day:

It started to drizzle just before we went outside for the couple to see each other for photos. I don’t know about you, but I kind of think the teeny tiny rain droplets look a little magical against the dark green backdrop of trees. 

Oh my goodness, this puppy could not have been any cuter. And oh so dapper!


I love this next series of images, oh so much. Oh, Theodore!

As Tracie + Jeremy’s immediate families gathered in the park for photos, the rain mostly let up, right when it was the most helpful.

 And then we were off to the 13th Floor for their ceremony and reception. Located atop Baltimore’s historic Belvedere, the event space offers gorgeous views of the city to the north and south with huge windows, beautiful stained glass detailing and a very charming art deco vibe.   

I love these next two images of when Jeremy began to slip the ring on Tracie’s finger. I love that my job entails freezing wonderful little moments like this for my clients! 

A few reception details.   

A first dance.  

A toast.   

A pair of parent dances. 

And a little cake cutting and cupcake eating!

Many, many congratulations, Tracie + Jeremy! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your Theodore and your families for your big day!


Photography: Jennifer McMenamin Photography, LLC

Ceremony, reception & catering: The 13th Floor

Officiant: The bride’s brother


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